In January 2015, the court ziemeļu district of Riga today adopted a decision on the administrative case against the mayor of Riga Ushakov on violation of the procedure of election campaign, having decided to fine him 50 Euro.

Ushakov noted that this is an unprecedented case because his attempt to punish him for what he is in his personal profile encouraged to vote for the party that he likes. In case, if the court makes an adverse decision, it will affect thousands of people who in their profiles and expressed their opinions, and perhaps even encouraged to vote.
"Now anyone can pull up records of all Latvian users in social networks for 3 and 4 October. And demand to fine everyone who has been calling to vote for any political party. Logically, the next step is fine for what you are, for example, posted a photo with kebabs and beer in Facebook. Because your post could see the minors. It turns out the advertising of alcohol to children", — said Ushakov the court's decision on his page on the social network Facebook.

The mayor also noted that the police was not accurate — he campaigned in social media not only before election day but election day.

Also, the police drew up a Protocol on administrative violation for failure to comply with the rules of pre-election campaign for then-Prime Minister Laimdota Straujuma ("Unity"). The court decided to fine her 50 euros.

Administrative report on Straujuma was made for her statement after voting in the elections of 4 October. The Prime Minister said that in case of victory on elections "Consent" under the threat can be delivered the independence of Latvia.