In Riga on Wednesday, there will be four picket, or otherwise associated with the Latvian Legion. Latvian anti-Nazi Committee plans to hold a meeting at Bastejkalns from 9.00 to 15.00. In the application, the Committee pointed out that "the meeting dedicated to the victims of the Waffen SS and the dangers of the justification of the crimes of the Waffen SS". To oppose the VARNISH will be to organize "In support of national warriors", which will gather from the opposite side of the Freedom Monument and also plans to "clarify the history of Latvia and of the Latvian Legion". Two more pickets at the embassies of Latvia and Russia - conducts activist Ieva Brant.

The Central event of the day, the procession from the Cathedral to the Freedom Monument will begin at 11 o'clock. Usually the procession involved several hundred people - legionaries-veterans, politicians, activists of the national-oriented organizations. The portal Delfi will conduct video and text broadcast of the event.

The security police and other security services work in the strengthened mode, but, according to preliminary information, the possibility of provocations and clashes this year are not higher than in previous years. At the same time, the SDS allows for the possibility of the arrival in Latvia the representatives of the antifascist organizations. The representatives of special services have noted that Russia "uses this date for their needs".

Representatives of the Latvian parliamentary parties also believe that the event will be peaceful. Members of the Cabinet of Ministers and other senior officials in the procession of participation will not accept.