Woman armed dried pumpkins and calabashes (fruit gourds, annual creeping lianas of the family Cucurbitaceae), and swam about a kilometer from the village, situated on a river island, to the nearest locality in the state of Karnataka. There was a hospital is.

after a daring swim Allawi said that she was very scared, but even worse was the thought that very soon she would have to give birth in her home village, where there are no medical center.

the Villagers and the doctors, she got called her act astounding achievement.

Village Milakunisnude, where 22-year-old "record holder", is located on a small island in the middle of the river Krishna in the area Agder, 400 km North of Bangalore, capital of Karnataka.

Only the means of communicating with the rest of the world for the residents of the village are to sail on a raft, but if the river troubled, and this mode of transport is not available.

When last Wednesday, Allawi decided to get to the hospital by swimming, the water level in the river rose to 3-4 meters, and even seasoned swimmers did not dare to go into the water.

"I was very afraid. But I was determined to overcome your fear for the sake of the child and to float down the river, which overflowed," said mother in an interview with the Service Bi-bi-si in Hindi. To help her decide closest relatives: father of Allawi, her brother and cousins swam with her. "First floated my brother, then I. My brothers tied me dried pumpkins and vessels made of calabashes, so I was all the time afloat," says the woman.

Woman made it to shore safely and resting now, according to doctors. Her child who should be born 20-25 days, also feels well, ' said Dr Veena.

Bold the action of Allawi caused much of the praise it receives. "I have been working here for seven years. During this time there were cases when people had to cross the river with someone's help. However, in order for it ventured woman on the ninth month of pregnancy - it is what I see for the first time," said the doctor.