In honor of her anniversary festival "Baltic pearl" is showing the film "Casablanca" on the original 35 mm film, provided screenings for the American Cinematheque (American Cinematheque).

"If I had to describe her in one word, says Isabella Rossellini about her mother, I would say: the charm."

Seven nominations and three Oscar awards, four awards Golden globe, Emmy and BAFTA, theatre Tony award in the ranking of the hundred greatest movie stars of the century, compiled by the American Institute of cinema, Bergman fourth place.

At the age of 17 I was accepted to the Royal Dramatic Theatre in Stockholm, but a year later she left him for the opportunity to act in films. Starring in more than a dozen Swedish and one German films, she received an invitation to Hollywood producer David O. Selznick on shooting the film "Intermezzo" (1939).

But the real star of the hour for the actress came in 1942, when Ingrid Bergman played in the movie "Casablanca", one of the most astonishing and poignant melodramas in the history of cinema.

It was not cold grandeur and proud of detachment, she was surprisingly earth, touching defenseless, gave the impression of a natural modesty and exquisite charm. Her radiant beauty and personality harbored something fascinating. Around her, it seemed, there was an atmosphere of extraordinary freshness and purity. Her game is a mix of indescribable grace, poetic grace and quiet realism, emotional generosity and inner freedom.

"Someone said about it: "Ingrid is married to the camera and the camera loves Ingrid". It's true. The camera loves these actors. We are now good friends from his performance. In her tireless passion for the game, she is a real actress. She has a huge baggage of experience, technology, imagination, emotion, imagination and even "black" humor," said her Director Ingmar Bergman.

In her fate, and the fate of every great actress, enough dramatic twists and unexpected turns. "I went from Saint to whore and back to Saint. And all in one life". She entered the world of cinema and left him in musical roles: in "Intermezzo", where she played untrained pianist, and in "Autumn Sonata" — again the pianist, but already a world star. His best role, as the majority of critics and viewers, the actress played in the movie "Casablanca", an extraordinarily powerful and thrilling, which has become an exceptional phenomenon in the world of cinema.