Karl Lagerfeld personally oversaw the shooting of the film, and the house of Chanel not only gave the Actresses ' outfits, jewelry, accessories and cosmetics, but also proposed a budget that allowed the Director to fulfill his dream - to shoot on 35mm film exciting movie with luxurious interiors, beautiful scenery and gorgeous Actresses headed brilliant Juliette Binoche.

Today the Cloud "Sils Maria" confidently occupy the top rankings among French films of 2014.

The film brings to mind the immortal masterpiece Mankevich "All about eve"associative storyline and the story of the main character.

It can safely be attributed to the category of "Movies about Movies": in the center of the plot the story of an actress (Juliette Binoche), who arrives in Switzerland (the village of Sils-Maria), to receive the award, established by the renowned writer, in the film which she successfully debuted in his youth. Many years ago the film with the intriguing title "Snake Malayi" provocative and complex story brought the actress to international fame, and now, 20 years later, she was offered to go on the other side of this drama, playing a different role... a Story filled with reincarnation and ghosts of memories, plunges her into the vortex of time, forcing them to deal with the past, which she so long avoided and uncovers disturbing secrets, old wounds, non-healing for decades.

Bright, piercing the ribbon combines a full psychological scenario, gorgeous cinematography and exquisite female ensemble. On the one hand - this is a fascinating, melancholy drama, on the other fearlessly intelligent film about a woman in sincere confusion and surprise before changing the world. About how circumstances the role overturn the fate of the actress, play, and life, repeating key points of the same story.

The film will be presented in the program of the festival "Baltic pearl" and it will show on Sunday 14 September at the cinema Citadele.