the Results of the year 2013 are higher than in 2003, when it registered a record number of registered пользованных auto (43 655). It is reported that the average age set at Latvian accounting for used cars in comparison with the previous year, and is 10 years.

"Fleet Latvia - one of the oldest in the European Union, which has a negative impact on traffic safety and reducing the emission of harmful particles. In 2013, the most commonly recorded 11-year-old cars," explained Vice-President of the LAA Ingus Рутиньш.

It is reported that among used cars majority consists of cars with diesel engine (79%). Among the new cars registered in 2013, diesel engines were 62% of the machines.

"Such the trend is explained by many factors. First, diesel auto simply more on the secondary market. Second, buyers пользованных diesel auto sure that this machine will be significantly more economical than petrol. This statement is not always correct, as the content of diesel cars is much more expensive, and this car is more profitable only in case of really big endurance," said Рутиньш.

In 91% of the cases used car in 2013 bought individuals (40 418 machines).

More all buyers choose used cars Volkswagen (20% of the market), followed by Volvo (14%), Audi (13%), BMW (9%) and Opel (9%).

the Most popular models - Volkswagen Golf, Volkswagen Passat (each under 5,9% of the market), followed by the Audi A4 (5,4%), Audi A6 (4.1%) and the Volvo V70 (4%).