Sometimes such gestures are made completely in the open, the newspaper says, citing the example of the installation Китаемunilaterally new air defence zone in the East China sea as an attempt to alert the neighbors that the Navy of the country is preparing for the competition with США.

During the past year Россияplayed in the same game with НАТО: no open threats, only hints, said in a статье.

Last spring, a Russian air force simulated attack on Швециюand closely approached its airspace. Russian officials also made a thinly-veiled threats Финляндииselectively boycotted the products of countries Балтииand made it clear that Russia intends to, or already supplied, long-range rockets on the Western границе.

Russia and China do not coordinate with each other their actions and between them there is a warm relationship, but the elites of these countries have in common, namely a dislike to the institutions of liberal democracy, applicable in other countries, and the determination to prevent the spread of these institutions in Moscow or Пекин.

These elite read that Western media, ideas, and especially Western capitalism - in contrast to state capitalism and pose a threat to their domination over the economy of their countries. They want the world to remain a safe for their authoritarian oligarchy and are willing to pay a large price, says автор.