With the-e: - wound after dismissal from Spartak healed?

A.S.: - well, I hear your question and feel - no. Not healed...

Спартаковский cut my biography fit both the good and the bad. But remain in their previous positions: never going to wash dirty linen in public, to evaluate their colleagues or players from the former, of the present. Never done it. I am grateful to destiny that I worked in a famous клубе.

With the-e: - how do you now perceive the public speech of Dmitry Alenicheva?

A.S.: - If you walk away from a question you cannot answer briefly: same as then. Negatively. There are things that a player cannot and should not do. It is a matter of fundamental fairness. I think that answered your вопрос.

With the-e: Now in "Spartacus" in about the same situation: Valery Karpin нахваливает Динияра Билялетдинова for his work, but hard not to include. Well, Bilyaletdinov is also necessary to bear misfortune to be in the "Sport-Express"?

- Do not want to compare. But I see that Bilyaletdinov well educated not only in football, but also in human смысле.

With the-e: - Someone won from the famous visit Alenicheva our editorial?

S.A.S.: - everyone on this account may have your opinion. But life goes on, the player becomes a coach. God forbid Аленичеву or someone else been in my place. And discontented even in the most successful team is always there. Not even the fact that unhappy - little playing. Such players is very easy to provoke, and coaches need to work to prevent such pain points. Carry out preventive measures.

With the-e: a - do Not induce whether you all then what happened to the idea that it is not necessary to invite the command descending players, even the most eminent?

A.S.: - IN principle such players of the team are necessary in any League - England, Russia or Latvia. They are the masters, they all know in football can be, so to say, governors coach to help him in difficult situations. In "Skonto" this Governor I had Vitaly Астафьевspeaking to 39 years. Even when he does not get in the composition, still perform its function experienced player in the "excellent". Although harm team can not only veteran. Some crazy young player too. Go and guess that the footballer you take: to a psychiatrist or something, and led? But in any case, your question резонен. Long-term experience shows that the veterans - dangerous category of players. However, all 20 years of coaching, I was able to establish good - correct, professional relations with the overwhelming majority of футболистов.

With the-e: And how did you feel after a peaceful Riga and well known in advance of the next championship of your "Skonto"? Whether comfortably in crazy Moscow rhythm, in conditions of a rigid competition the Russian championship?

A.S.: - the Transition was, of course, difficult. And a lot depended on the leaders of the "Spartak". "He invited me and direct my head was, if you remember, Yuri Pervak (occupied the post of General Director of the club. - Edit.) so its position even in some particular problems was принципиальной.

For example, we involuntarily lost in Vladikavkaz "Alania". The next day Pervak gathered coaches and players and helped me to cheer up the team. Exactly helped. In principle, he did what he was supposed to do, rooting for the result, so I grew up as a coach and confidently managed a team. And in the end that a small crisis was overcome very быстро.

With such a head - strong-willed, combat, but judicious trainer much easier to work. I took the "Spartak" in a crisis situation, two years in a row, the team was below the middle of the table. And the tradition of defeats quickly catches on, and the guys looked uncertain of ourselves. But due to the fact that in Spartak worked good, clever specialists, including Yuri Mikhailovich, we were able to make the leap faster than dictated football logic. And from the 8th place 2-е.

Crazy rhythm I certainly felt, but already the first year showed that I have the potential to work in the Russian Premier League. I talked with many coaches - Gazzaev, Бердыевым, Tarkhanov, Эштрековым - and I saw... I don't know, maybe it sounds immodest, but I saw that I could compete on equal terms with ними.

With the-e: And you break up with the owner of "Spartak" Leonid Федуном? What was his position in your conflict with Аленичевым?

A.S.: - That thought Fedun about our conflict actually, I don't know, but in conversations with me, and publicly, he was completely on my side. With his help I was able in the remaining months to keep the team under control. But there came a moment when I realized that both the wall I bet that it is necessary to make a decision. And wrote a statement about отставке.

With the-e: - Psychological consequences of the outburst Alenicheva you feel so far?

A.S.: - a Normal person learns constantly, constantly changing. In the end, I was seven years older. And then a year later headed a national team of Latvia, plunged into work, and all that had gone on long-range plan. Soon we just missed the 2010 world championship, losing to Greece 2nd place in the group. But the Greeks then, if you remember, have beaten in the play-offs seen as a favorite Украину.

With the-e: - You blamed that you put "Spartak" atypical for his style. Began to play with the team after your leaving in спартаковский football?

A.S.: the Best match "Spartak" - those in which he demonstrates modern football. Plus, it is important to follow the trends of football, the main of which the control of the ball, a short pass. Like the play of "Barcelona". I, however, prefer the "Borussia" with her long longitudinal passes, by which the attack is performed faster. But this game is still based on holding the ball. "Spartak" was good in the time of Constantine Baskova and especially Oleg pod red, and I've always been a fan of his футбола.

With the-e: - After his second retirement from the "Skonto" you almost two years working with the Azerbaijani "Baki". What forced to leave the club?

A.S.: - "Baki" good infrastructure, President, investing in the club a lot of money. But I had not gone, felt at ease, although with the players have good relations. Now follow with interest the work of the Gabala Yuri СеминаI wish him every success. Work in another country, it is difficult, and then there's the East, which, as is known, is тонкое.

With the-e: - In July you voluntarily left the post of chief coach of the national team of Latvia, but could take him today. Why decided to take this step and what do you do now?

A.S.: - Everything in my life is fine, as you can see, is alive and well. After retiring from the national team I have till the end of the year there are some responsibilities in the football Federation. And resign set the whole complex of reasons. In any group, especially in creative, if there is no result, no clear answer to the question "what to do" - the head has to go. This step on my part was very deliberate. The passage of time is sure that he made правильно.

Before leaving, I called with the leading players of the national team, warned them, and they were surprised at my decision. But someone had to take responsibility for our not-so-good results. With further have not been defined yet, I do what I especially nice: watch football - European, Russian, I spend much time with my family, read a lot and special football literature, and art. In General, I live a full and interesting жизнью.

With the-e: - On coaching not miss?

A.S.: - the First time after the departure of the team rested from exercise, even, I would say, overload, physical and psychological. And now... my Whole life of the player and the coach took place in football, but still does not howling from скуки.

The profession of a coach is dependent on the selection of other people. I must admit that after the departure of the team I had offers, there are now. But such, that I could agree for three minutes, has not yet been reported. Interest, motivation and desire to prove something, and our profession makes us to constantly prove players, fans and the press to yourself that you are worth it. Determined their future at the beginning of next года.

With the-e: - Which of the Russian clubs are now closest to your coaching credo?

A.S.: Difficult to say, because the game all the leading clubs in Russia is not very stable. "Zenit", for example, two months ago everyone was going to hang on the neck the gold medal, and then he was not able to win five to seven matches in a row. He is crazy differential, which should be good причины.

"Spartak", "Dynamo" too are their reasons. CSKA heritage championship title, which once again shows to defend the gold medals harder than winning. And yet, against the General background, I would pick Spartak and CSKA, which in the best games demonstrate interesting, exciting футбол.

With the-e: - in the Latvian football talents besides Alexander Цауни acting for CSKA, who came to court in the Russian Premier League?

A.S.: - IN "Skonto" with Цауней were individually, brought him to the high level. Now in Latvian clubs this almost never happens. And talents. For example, a 19-year-old forward Valery Шабала, who made his debut in the national team. If a serious club with a strong coach, with the big money is interested in them, the guy can grow into a large игрока.