Useful Tools

News is information gathered from resources, and sources, which needs to be checked and verified before it can be published.  To be able to give the best news first, we use tools.  We use tools to check everything for truthful content, and verifiable facts.

Useful Tools:

1. Basic Research: Basic research is used when looking for information and news, and also when you need to verify news and information received from other sources.  There are various links you can use, for instance, “Inside Search”, “PowerSearch with Google”, and “Google public data explorer”.

2. Verification: Before publishing, or putting our news out there, we need to verify the truthfulness of the information.  This verification is needed whether we collected the data for the news ourselves, or if it was given via another news-outlet or a person.

Verification is needed for all types of data received, video, Youtube, images, any type of writing, and even data received through phone calls and e-mails.  Links that help us are; “Youtube dataviewer”, “RevEye”, and certain Google chrome extensions.

3. Additional tools: We check location by using “Google Earth”.  We compare video footage from other sources through using social media channels, “Panaramio” or “Flickr”.  Using these tools, we make sure that information received, or collected, correlates with other data already available.  We check weather, background landscape, as well as the facts received.

These useful links are available to us; to verify every bit of news-content we might receive, or find, ourselves.  In this way, we make sure that everything we publish is verifiably the truth, and contains the real facts.  No extra story-filling with bits and pieces of attention-seeking non-news.