Young the woman says that at the moment is not ready for parenthood. She believes abortion for themselves the right decision, and does not regret about it.
Goal posting your video on the Internet is to inform other women, "not to be afraid to make a decision about his own life," says Emily. "Many women are accused in the decision to get rid of the child, known as the killers and make them guilty, but only a woman can decide on their own lives, and no one else. I was scared, and I don't feel so bad," says Emily.

How strange, ironically Emily is a specialist in sex education, she works at the training centre for women in new Jersey.

It the video, posted on Youtube, caused great excitement among supporters and opponents of Oborotov.

In as an aside, we note only that it would be good to hear Emily, when it will take several years, will she regret your decision? Or will say nothing to geleit. What do you think?