"We will promote proposed by the Ministry of justice draft law. It is very voluminous, it is planned to include state and municipal structures, and it will require great administrative and financial resources. Work will begin immediately and in conjunction with relevant agencies and local authorities will seek answers to many questions, to finally solve the problem of divided ownership", — said the head of the Commission Sergey Dolgopolov ("the Consent").

As a solution, the bill provides for owners of apartments in blocks of flats to exercise their right to buy land under their house. If they do not use, will retain the same relationship compulsory lease, including agreement on other conditions.

To start the procedure of termination of rights the split property provides a mechanism to simplify decision making by tenants of apartment buildings. "For" will have to vote in half of all apartment owners, then each owner would contribute his share to the redemption price that depends on the cadastral value of land, the area of the redeemed land, the size of the building and square footage of the particular apartment.

The Commission will be asked to set a deadline for its second reading on 7 October this year.

According to the estimates of the Ministry of justice, the project may cost the state 14 million euros. Currently in the position to force the split property are 3677 apartment buildings, of which there are about 111 thousand apartments. The house is located on land belonging to other persons 7354.

The solution is to force the split property to be found, since and landowners, and landlords are restricted from disposition of his property. Owners unhappy with the forced obligation to pay rent for the land, landowners often do not meet rental income.