Compared with February of 2015, when in Riga was 11 040 needy, in February 2016, which is 2656 less. In February compared with January need 1% or less at 85. In January registered 8469 needy, in February— 8348.

In February 2015 in Riga was registered on 21 392 low-income, in February 2016 — 18 095. In February compared with January low-income became 1% or less at 165.

In 2016, the Riga city Council plans to spend on social benefits 17,426 million euros, including in the first two months of the year spent 2,349 million, or 13% of the annual plan.

In February, the number of recipients compared with January rose 2%, or 268, and the amount of funds spent on benefits increased by 4%, or 50 603 euros. This is due to the fact that customers are applying for housing benefit.

The number of recipients of social benefits in February was 12 501 compared with January-2015 at 4215 (25%) less. For benefits was spent on 201 696 euros, or 14% less.

In January and February the social service of Riga adopted a decision to provide free Lunches 482 students. Also nine residents have been paid to the simultaneous allowance of EUR 150 is payable in connection with the achievement of one hundred years of age.