The President of WADA Craig reedy also reported that the Agency will provide the athlete financial support.

Maria Stepanova was one of the key sources in the series of the German broadcaster ARD about doping in Russia. Recently aired for the third film, which focuses on the continuation of doping violations from the Russian side. This was followed by a series of scandalous revelations with the use of Meldonium by Russian athletes.

The question of granting Stepanova resolution will be considered by the IAAF this week. Under what flag will be the athlete in the case of admission to the competition is unknown. In the list of candidates for the Russian national team in athletics, which was published on 14 January, 29-year-old athlete missed.

However it is still unknown whether the Russian athletes to participate in the Olympic games 2016 to be held in Rio de Janeiro from 5 to 21 August. Today during a press conference in Geneva, the head of the independent Commission WADA dick pound said that in Russia just waiting for sanctions will be removed.

"As for Russia, then to some extent there is the wall of denial, the system was previously riddled with corruption, — quotes the words of pound's "Sport-Express". Probably Russians think that all the contradictions will disappear and the issue of performance must be removed from the agenda. The ball at half-field of Russia. It seems that there is evidence that they are just rearranging the deck chairs on the deck of the "Titanic".

Recall that the IAAF has temporarily suspended the all-Russian athletics Federation (vfla) from all competitions under its aegis on the basis of the report of the independent Commission WADA. And it is still unknown whether the Russian athletes permission to participate in the Olympics-2016.