According to the Agency, the meeting was also attended by several thousand people, and among them were not only supporters of the billionaire, but also his most ardent opponents.

After about half an hour from the moment the event was supposed to take the start, came on the scene the representative of the headquarters trump and announced that the meeting was postponed for "security reasons". However, he did not specify when will the speech of one of the main contenders for top post in the country.

After this announcement by a gathering crowd, a wave of indignation, the people began to chant various offensive slogans and display posters of controversial content. When the skirmishes began, what was happening was forced to intervene by the local police.

Reuters correspondents note that the most popular sound bite coming from University, where was to be held the meeting, was: "We leaked trump!" (We dumped Trump!). However, at the same time, one could hear slogans and colorful supporters of the policy.

Angry protesters disrupted the rally, however, did not stop and went marching through the streets, scaring the locals. To trump in the mass showered with accusations that its provocations, he endangered hundreds, if not thousands of fellow citizens.

"It should be noted that Chicago has a large population of Hispanics. In the crowd on the streets of Chicago, most of them Mexicans and their neighbors, which obviously are against trump's policy against immigrants", — the correspondent of the TV channel CNN from the scene.