Since the last survey in may 2014, Obama was able to build muscle and reduce cholesterol from 213 to 188 mg/DL, notes The Washington Post. 54-year-old President weighs 175 pounds (79.4 kg), five pounds (2.2 kg) less than two years ago. The growth Obama is 186 centimeters.

"The President continues to lead a healthy lifestyle," said the attending physician Ronnie Jackson, stressing that the President exercise every day.

"Obama does not smoke, drinks alcohol only occasionally and in moderation," added the doctor. However, he acknowledged that the us President occasionally uses nicotine gum.

The last time a medical examination is mandatory for all existing U.S. presidents, Obama was held in may 2014. Then Jackson said that the 53-year-old President is absolutely healthy. Excellent physical shape of the head of state, he explained to daily physical activity, healthy eating and Smoking cessation.

For the first time this diagnosis of Obama held in late February 2010. Then the doctors found him completely healthy, but advised him to change diet to lower cholesterol in the blood.

In 2009 Barack and Michelle Obama amounted to "lifetime probate". As told the head of state, they made a formal expression of will in case of his incapacity. "Don't want somebody else you make decisions of this kind", — said the President, who in this followed the example dead grandmother.