The incident occurred on March 9, the report States. That day experienced the Chukchi musher Mikhail Telpin from the village of Yanrakynnot, the winner and prizewinner of Russian and international races dog sledding, went on another training run, when in the Bay area Penkina at him suddenly left the wolf pack — two adult and three young individuals.

Young wolves attacked sled, "tried to bite the dogs, despite my cries and gestures", while the parents sat at a distance and watched the scene, told Talpin, "it's Amazing, but the wolves were not concerned about human presence," said the driver.

According to him, the first attack lasted about five minutes, after which the wolves are gone. On reflection, Telpin decided to continue the session and sent the dogs in the opposite direction from the one where the wolves went. But after a while the wolves are again caught up with the team.

The second wolf attack lasted for about ten minutes, and in this case, the parents of young predators watched from the sidelines, and after their "team" the youth stopped chasing sleds, and the whole flock departed, told the musher.

The district inspector of the national Park Arthur Apalu noted that this is the first case of wolf attacks on humans in the area. "Sometimes that of snowmobilers or mushers attacked polar bears, as it was in 2008, when the village came up with a bear cub. But this case is unique — to meet a wolf in the tundra is rare, because it is the most clever and cunning animal, and even more so when the wolf goes to the man," said the inspector.