According to him, March 9, for the release of illegal Parking on street Gertrudes, 40, had backup to call the staff of the Riga municipal police.

How explained to portal DELFI the representative of the Municipal police Janis Ozolins, the police explained to the owners of Parking the legality of the decision on the demolition of illegal Parking.

As previously wrote the portal DELFI, the majority of car parks in Riga is illegal.

According to Verzosa, in the centre of Riga checked 110 Parking lots. About 70 of them received a construction permit, and from the point of view of construction, they are illegal.

These car parks have problems not only with documents but also with compliance. For example, in the Parking lot must be paved, to observe a certain distance to the neighboring land plot at a certain number of machines must be connected to the wastewater system.

Vircavs admits that outside the center, if building control will start checks, the situation will get even worse.