Output a short film dedicated to the opening of the Sochi Olympics. According to the story, the authorities are closing Russian Broadway, because all his performances are homosexual propaganda. In response, the actors put the play, which tells the story of three same-sex couples from different epochs of Russian history, according to The Huffington Post.

In video three pair of heroes - a master stone Carver, who lived in the late nineteenth century, two lesbians - Soviet women-cosmonauts, as well as two young men who participate in the competition.

The in the musical and the Russian President, played by Michael Серверис. Young Vladimir Putin finds out about the betrayal of his wife with another woman and recalls the words of the mother that a woman will never go away from this man. After this fictional Putin rends his shirt and becomes a hate gays.

the Director parody video was John Walton West, composer gave Jason Michael snow. In addition, the video starred such actors Broadway, Jonathan groff, Michael URI and Andrew Рэннеллс, each of them is openly gay, reports channel "Rain".