"Drove the car to the Parking lot, told us 16 thousand, come, take the car. It a complete mess. Now we are going to deal with it. No one shows the Protocol is not", - told reporters the owner of the company that owns the vehicle. According to the driver removed the tow truck, Parking rules, he is not violated.

The incident occurred on the night of 20 March Vitebsk highway. First, it reported the members of the group "the accident and emergency | Saint-Petersburg" in "Vkontakte", who published pictures of funny events. "The machine is not mine, but I know the owner, was parked three feet from the crosswalk. Drove past the police accompanied by tow trucks. Accordingly, the car was taken away," said one of the participants of the discussion.

Currently the fee for the towing and storage of vehicles on the territory of St. Petersburg is 16 thousand rubles for all categories of transport, except A and B. in addition, the penalty for violation of Parking rules in Moscow and St. Petersburg is set to double. For Parking on the transition or closer than five feet in front of him, he is three thousand.