This year in Skuodas tuberculosis sick two Schoolgirls, and then it became clear that tuberculosis is more teacher.

"Today 568 children have been vaccinated Mantoux, 1-4 grade 4 had a positive result, in 5-8 grades of 73, 77 positive," said Pilipavicius. According to him, 13 children were offered prophylactic treatment in hospital, five were refused. Checked also all the staff of the school.

Vice Minister of science and education of Lithuania Natalja Istomina said that the spread of tuberculosis in Skuodas and due to negligent attitude of teachers towards their health. According to her, the teacher had permission to work in the school.

However, when they began to investigate the cases of children, it was found that changes in the lungs at the teacher were recorded several years ago, her health was bad, this was even noticed by others.

According to Istomina, the medical cause of the master was marked that two years ago in her lungs showed some changes, but the diagnosis has not been set.

"Because the lungs were the changes that prompted her to go for an x-ray on the same day, when x-rayed, the teacher ended up in the hospital," — said Vice-Minister.

"The teacher didn't know (suffering from tuberculosis), but she was coughing. This cough drew their attention to the surrounding colleagues. Surrounding had to send her to the doctor, people feel bad. But to doctors it was not converted, and here is the result," sorry Istomin.

The mayor of Skuodas was heavy, Pukinskas said that now the situation is under control. "We have allocated money for the disinfection, I think the situation is under control. The environment is investigated, as members of families, and the whole team," said the mayor.

Last year in Lithuania for the presence of TB was tested half the children had to check. Vaccination Mantoux have made more than 31 000 children, but this is only half of all who had to pass the test. In accordance with the procedure established by the Ministry of health of Lithuania in 2002, vaccinated Mantoux annually must do all children at the age of 7 years, as well as children at risk.