• Ushakov: residents still, who works as a mayor (VIDEO)

  • A new candidate for Prime Ministers of Latvia and Riga mayor Nile Ushakov ("Agreement") in an interview to the First Baltic channel has explained, what he will do, unless you become Prime Minister, and said, who shall perform the data before the Duma election promises.


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    • 7:05 am on Wednesday 28th June 2017  /  За рубежом
      VIDEO: Helicopter attacked a building of the Supreme court of Venezuela

      Police helicopter attacked a building of the Supreme court of Venezuela, whose decision on granting President Maduro additional powers provoked large-scale protests in the country. The hijacked helicopter pilot ex-interior Minister, published an appeal to the demonstrators. From the beginning of April in clashes with police killed more than 70 people.

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      Elina Garanca: "My angel will protect me. Or will not protect"

      Before the concert, which will give in the "Dzintari" the main Opera celebrity Latvian mezzo-soprano Elina Garanca, there are about two weeks: July 11, beautiful singer will take the stage along with their guest, the Russian diva Hibla Gerzmava, and her husband, conductor Karel mark Chichon, who will also conduct the Festival orchestra.

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