His video message was a Turkish poet has published in Internet, reports channel "Russia 24".

Mayakovsky and Gorky,
Ivan Soviet, defended
From the Nazis the earth
Please pardon the heroes of the country,
Women, men, elderly and children,
23 million lost people
And Gagarin his feat svirchevska,
And brother of the Soviet that the us filed
In our great national war
I couldn't from shame to save his country
The great Russian people sorry about that
And, we bow our knees, I beg for forgiveness
Mom Oleg Peshkov.

Internet users from Turkey have already commented on verse. They say it's a bold move and a reflection of the real opinion of the people.

The Hussein Haidar — known Turkish poet, philanthropist, winner of national awards, was born in 1956. Since 2012, leads on one of the TV program "Literary front", and continued to publish his poems.

Russian front-line bomber su-24 was shot down by Turkish fighter jets at the end of November 2015. The incident led to a sharp aggravation of relations between the two countries. Russia called the incident a aggression, and Turkey — an ally of terrorism.

Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that Ankara regretted the incident, but does not intend to apologize to Russia. The Turkish side insists that it had every right to shoot down a Russian plane.

Against this background, the Russian authorities have imposed on the Turkish economic sanctions. In particular, they prohibited the importation of a number of Turkish companies and a ban on some Turkish firms.

In addition, Russia unilaterally abolished the visa-free regime Turkey and forbade the travel companies to sell tours, and air carriers — to fly.

Later the Deputy foreign Minister of Russia Alexei Meshkov said that Turkey should pay compensation to Moscow for the Downing of the su-24.