Compared to February 2016 tariff reduced by 4%.

This is the lowest rate among the nine largest cities of Latvia, and among the capitals of three Baltic States — he is 22% lower than in Tallinn and 29% lower than in Vilnius.

It is expected that in April of this year, prices may fall by up to amounted to 43.47 euros per 1 MW/hour without VAT, and in may to € 41,62.

Thermal power tariff in March and his predictions for April and may are established on the basis of the message of the Latvian Gas company on the sale price of natural gas.

Rīgas siltums is one of the main suppliers of heat in Riga. 77% of exported thermal energy is used for heating homes and heating water. The total length of urban heating is 900 km, 74% of them owned by Rīgas siltums.