According to the regional Manager mobile app Taxify Juris, Krumina, a former cooperation partner — SIA Joker — breaking the Treaty, stole all the information available in the database. Joker now actively advertises another app FlyTaxi, which you can also call a taxi.

That Joker has cheated, representatives Taxify learned from its customers that explained that the taxi drivers came caused with Taxify, give them leaflets with advertising of another mobile app FlyTaxi. Also Taxify then clients started mailing and promotional SMS which offered services FlyTaxi.

Accountant firm Joker, who did not want to give his name to reporters, categorically denied all charges in the kidnapping of a database of clients Taxify and indicated that the SMS ensures that only those customers who have previously used the services of taxis Joker. She also confirmed that since December of last year, the company suspended the cooperation with Taxify.

Kruminish said that in the end of 2015, they have contacted the representatives of SIA Joker and warned of possible consequences in case of continuation of unfair competition. In particular, management of the Taxify had intended to address in law enforcement bodies. In response, the representatives of SIA Joker apologized and promised that such will never happen again, but the word didn't keep.