These were announced four months after the death, although in 90% of cases at the investigation of the causes of death takes 90 days, according to data of the Association of medical examiners USA.

The statement did not specify why the causes of death ex-the Minister has taken this long. Lesina on the body were also found blunt trauma to the neck, torso, arms and legs. Forensic experts did not specify how he could get those injuries in the attack, an accident or something else. The police reported that the investigation is ongoing, and refused further comment.

The text of the autopsy report will not be published, interested parties (other than family and the police) can obtain it only through the courts, said earlier the head of the office of the chief medical examiner of Washington Beverly fields.

An unnamed official told the New York Times that each family could receive injuries as a result of quarrels undetermined character, after which he was in the room of the Washington hotel Dupont Circle. There he was found dead November 5 — the body was found by a maid. The police found out the evidence that the death of Lesina could be enforced, Reuters reports, citing unnamed sources.

Within four months after the discovery of the body of Lesina Washington authorities said that the cause of his death is established. Autopsy was performed immediately after death, all this time passed the examination. Lesina was buried in Los Angeles, reported RIA Novosti a member of his family.

The Agency also reported, again citing family members that the former Minister died of a heart attack. His friends told TASS that in recent years he was ill and underwent several operations.

Cheap hotel and Washington

The reason for the arrival of Lesina in the American capital is unknown. It is also unclear why such a wealthy man as he was in the hotel with rooms around $ 240. At the Russian Embassy in the USA reported that documents Lesina in the room not found, although the room was registered in his name.

The dozhd TV channel reported citing unnamed acquaintances of Lesina that he came to Washington for a friend and stopped in a different hotel, and later was in the area of Dupont Circle, where an accidental brawl, after which he went into Dupont Circle.

In December 2014 Lesin has resigned from the post of head "Gazprom-Media", and thereafter he spent much time in the U.S. — in Los Angeles his family lives.

The uncertainty regarding the causes of Lesina's arrival in Washington has given rise to the theory that he came to the American capital to provide the FBI information about corruption in Russia and his death was staged as part of a witness protection programme.

Under the program, witnesses usually have to completely change all the documents, place of residence and renounce all former ties. There are rumours that in particularly important cases the staged death of witnesses, but throughout history there has been no similar event.

Lesina willingness to cooperate with the FBI was explained by the fact that the us government could at any moment to start corruption investigation against the former Minister. Providing testimony in exchange for a waiver of prosecution or leniency is a common practice.

Los Angeles, CA and "ethics of the civil servant"

That in respect of Lesina may be initiated corruption investigation, wrote the publication the Daily Beast, citing unnamed sources. It's not officially opened, but the ex-Minister was definitely "under the hood" with American law enforcement, and the FBI had enough evidence to open a case, I believe the newspaper's sources. In diplomatic circles it is rumored that Lesina was able to kill because of his willingness to cooperate with the FBI, wrote the Daily Beast.

To conduct an investigation in respect of Lesina in 2014 was requested by U.S. Senator Roger Wicker. He wrote to the U.S. attorney General a letter asking to check out "Putin's chief propagandist" on corruption. The paper argues that while official Lessin bought in Europe assets worth millions of dollars. In addition, he moved with his family to Los Angeles, CA (son of Lesina Hollywood producer) and bought several properties worth 28 million dollars, wrote the Senator.

Wicker doubted that the former state employee could save money on the purchase and maintenance of the property. The letter also noted that the ex-Minister maintained close business ties, as the sanctions lists entrepreneurs, in particular, billionaire Yury Kovalchuk.

Lesin commented on the information about the more expensive properties in Los Angeles in avaste 2014. He stated that it was the property of his children, who "arranged themselves". "[They] took these transactions under loans", — said ex-Minister.

That Lesin was of interest to the FBI, there is no serious doubt — he 90-ies he worked in the field of media and advertising, including in government bodies.

From 1999 to 2004, Lessin was appointed Minister of print. In 2004-2009 he was the Advisor to the President. Lesina Medvedev fired "for violation of ethics of the civil servant". Employees of the presidential administration told that Lesin had used its status as Advisor in commercial negotiations, wrote "Vedomosti".