data AP, field commander Сахал Искудхук, close to the leadership of Al-Shabab, was killed when a rocket hit his car.

Details the special operation at the moment not many. According to some sources, the missile strike was in the South of the country. As a rule, in such operations, the U.S. uses unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), there is evidence that the current attack is no exception.

In October last year, the American commandos carried out in Somalia counter-terrorism operation on capture of one of the leaders of grouping "Al-Shabab" Абдулкадира Mohamed Абдулкадира. However grab or eliminate the militants did not succeed.

Somali Republic ceased to exist as a unified state in 1991 with the fall of the dictatorial regime of Siad Barre, reminds RIA of "news". As the only legitimate power in the country, the international community acknowledges the Federal government controlling the capital Mogadishu and some neighbourhoods.

all Other Somalia are under the control of the unrecognized state formations or are self-governing territories. In some areas in the South and northeast Somalia ruled by local clans and radical Islamist movements, including those associated with "al-Qaeda" grouping "Al-Shabab".