To in order to encourage expectant mothers to physical activity, from 1 to 7 June in the framework of Jurmala week of health, will be available free yoga and Aqua aerobics.

If the woman before pregnancy is not exercised, the time waiting for the kid really is not the right time for the start of intensive physical activities.

In turn, if before the child has asserted itself as a future mother trained and practiced the sport, then exactly should not stop these classes, you need to balance physical activity, so as not to overwork your body.

For expectant mothers, never before pregnancy is not engaged in gymnastics, the most suitable in anticipation of the baby load is swimming, yoga, gymnastics for pregnant, Aqua-aerobics.

the First trimester allows women to be active and to engage in all kinds of sport, adopted prior to the application of the child itself. In turn, after 30 weeks of pregnancy more suitable relatively calm load, for example, gymnastics for pregnant women under the supervision of a physical therapist", - emphasizes the gynecologist Jurmala hospital Inese Lasmane.

In pregnancy definitely need to avoid higher and intensive loads, so it is not recommended to visit the gym and run on long distances. Also because of the high risk of injury, which can damage both the mother and baby, do not want to ski and ride a Bicycle. In sports it is necessary to monitor their well-being. You must choose the workout average intensity, and when you feel the slightest discomfort - headache, dizziness, lack of air for breathing exercises should be discontinued.

"Gymnastics, especially yoga, will help the future mother to prepare for childbirth. Modern lifestyle is increasingly alienates women from physical activity, so the muscles, which have to strain during delivery, it is necessary to additionally train. Women engaged in anticipation of the baby exercise, more informed - they better feel about your body, it is easier to change poses and cope with the stress and pain of childbirth," says the gynecologist Inese Lasmane.

In the purpose of caring for the health of Jurmala and guests of the city from 1 to 7 June in Jurmala will be held the Week of health. In this period anyone over 20 locations can receive a free advice of qualified doctors-experts, to use services of Spa treatment and health, and also to participate in different activities, healthy and active life.

In Jurmala is a wide range of Spa and Wellness services in Latvia, which provide nearly 60 medical and rehabilitation centers.