About this writes the American edition of the National Enquirer reports citing a source from an environment of the pair.

The actress, who never once was a list of the most beautiful and sexual women in the world, dissatisfied with bulging veins in his hands. At the wedding, which is rumored to take place in summer this year, Jolie wants to wear a sleeveless dress, but too noticeable veins can spoil everything. For elimination of this defect could she put on weight a little, but Angelina believes that it would harm her figure, so would prefer a plastic surgery. "Sometimes it is so busy, that simply forgets to eat, " said the source, National Enquirer, moreover, Angie believes that, remaining so thin, she looks more sexy."

In while other publications doubt that this is true, and the words of the anonymous can be trusted too often National Enquirer publish unsubstantiated gossip about the health of the actress. In their opinion, Jolie has no complexes, as appears regularly on various events in dresses with open arms. In addition, it is unlikely that she wants to expose themselves to any risk associated with operational intervention, after the recent double mastectomy.