Friends communicate at least once in two weeks

According to the results of the research, conducted, scientists from the University of Notre Dame, who analyzed 8 million phone calls 2 million people, all without exception friendly relations have one common property — they are supported at intervals at least every 15 days. But if to communicate with each other less frequently, the relationship gradually fade and are nullified in a single year.

Yawning is talking about other more words

"Contagious yawning," when a person yawns in response to the yawning other, is directly connected how yawning refers to one who "started it". The closer the relationship between two people, the greater the probability of "contagious yawning" and the faster it comes. Most often it manifests itself among relatives, then friends, then acquaintances, well as slow as we yawn in response to the blunders of strangers.

The enemy of my enemy is my friend

According to the results of the research, published in Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, the old wisdom that the enemy of my enemy is my friend, has a scientific basis. Researchers have found that people are much more willing and more likely to converge on the grounds of negative attitude towards the third person, rather than positive. This truth, by the way, you know all the kids (in their environment "friendship against" — a common phenomenon) and when they grow up and become adults, we somehow forget about it.

The number of real friends is strictly limited

According to the theory of numbers of Dunbar, each person can be from 100 to 230 stable social relationships, including friendships. It is considered that on average it is around 150 people. It the rule is true and for social networks, so if you are "friends" have a very popular person, wait to celebrate the close relationships he still maintains not more than 230 other as "friends". And, most likely, the numbers are much lower.

Friends "sell" happiness on 123 thousand euros per year

British scientists (Oh!) found, the presence of active social and friendly relations increase the amount of happiness that can be assessed in 123 thousand Euro (85 thousand pounds sterling) per year. But the increase in income by the same amount does not give the same feeling of happiness, so that scientists fully agree with the proverb — do not have 100 rubles, and have 100 friends.