the Following "Kopeyka" will be built on the same front-wheel-drive chassis UKL, which is used for the new MINI Cooper. While in size BMW 1-Series will surpass the five-door "Cooper, the wheelbase which reaches 2 567 millimeters (for comparison, the current "unity" - 2 690 mm). Also will increase the Luggage compartment (now - 360 liters) and space for rear passengers.

in Addition this will be significantly less weight "penny". First of all, it will happen due to the lack of a propeller shaft, which weighs almost 30 pounds. Also in the construction of model it is planned to use more aluminum parts. According to the source AutoExpress emphasize that the next generation 1-Series on the ride will be much more comfortable MINI Cooper. Full drive for the new "penny" is still available as an option.

"Mini" new "Kopeyka" share and part of the engine range. It will include turbo engines: three-cylinder gasoline unit with a volume of 1.5, as well as two-liter petrol and diesel Quad. The top should be a two-liter motor charged four-wheel drive M-versions of approximately 360 horsepower.

the First the market will leave the three - and five-door version of the 1-Series. Later on sale models with a body "sedan, coupe and convertible. Competitors of the new "penny" will be the Mercedes-Benz A-Class and CLA, Audi A3 cabriolet, Infiniti Q30 and Volvo V40.