Website reports, what legally restored bus can be recognized by special labels made on the sidewall. Usually this is a Retread (generic designation, eng.), Remould (following inscription put American manufacturers recovered tyres), Regummerad (German version).

In addition, the label on the side of the restored tires, usually indistinct, and the inner surface of such tires are usually covered with a thin layer of the mixture of carbon black with rubber crumb (especially technology recovery). Can also be other symptoms - the grid of micro-cracks on the lateral surface, which is not addressed in the recovery process, flows of rubber on the inner surface in consequence of a puncture repair, etc., In any case, a careful inspection of the restored bus to determine not difficult, especially if you can compare it with the new one.

When restoring, usually worn on the bus savariaud new protector and (in many cases), the side surface. In this case, the tire carcass, breaker and other power parts remain from old tires. In General, in fact, the retreading of tires is a cosmetic outer tire repair. Moreover, the tread pattern, which savariaud when you restore, do not always correspond to that which was inflicted on the bus during its production. Moreover, the same protector newarrivals on different tires, often from different manufacturers. As a natural consequence is to guarantee the identity of the characteristics of two restored tires with the same (externally) protector nobody can.

Therefore restored tires always have reduced features and high-speed mode, and the load index.

Miser pays twice - you should always remember this. If the driver never breaks the speed limit and not taking aggressive action, while driving, and rarely leaves the country on the track, he can theoretically consider buying remanufactured tires.

Usually such tires are purchased for commercial vehicles, but sometimes encountered in selling and "automobile" sizes. The owner of the car, of course, decide to exploit the restored bus. In any case, the savings on tires is very questionable activity, which may result in unpleasant surprises in the field of security.