• Сергей Гродников: Надо уважать зрителя

  • В начале 90-х, не имея опыта в журналистике, выпускник физмата Сергей Гродников стал одним из тех, кто взялся за создание итоговой информационной программы "Будни" на LTV. Он до сих пор считает, что главное в тележурналистике — поднимать повседневные человеческие темы.


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    • 12:00 pm on Sunday 26th March 2017  /  Спорт в мире
      Bobrovsky — record "Columbus", Ovechkin's 12th of the season scored 30 goals

      In the championship NHL first star of the game day recognized goalkeeper "Columbus" Sergey Bobrovsky. In the match against "Philadelphia" Russian made 36 saves (1:0 in favor of "blue Jackets") and the seventh time in the season scored a shutout. Bobrovsky became the first goalkeeper in the history of "Columbus" which won 40 wins in a single season.

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    • 11:18 am on Sunday 26th March 2017  /  Звезды
      In Kiev called the condition of Russia's participation in "Eurovision"

      Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine Vyacheslav Kirilenko said that Russia will be able to take part in the Eurovision song contest 2017 in Kiev only in the case if you represent the participant who has no problems with Ukrainian legislation. This was reported in the press service of Kirilenko.

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