Your the creation of the "Massandra" is obliged to Prince Lev Golitsyn, it was he who in 1894 have chosen a place for construction of the plant on the hillside in a small Yalta town Massandra. The production cost even in those days was not a small one million rubles for the underground wine factory!

the Main basement built in 1897, is a seven tunnels. Long each of them is 150 meters long and five meters. Tunnels diverge a fan from the Central gallery in them is maintained year-round optimum temperature for aging wine is 10-12 degrees.

In the cellars of "Massandra" consists of over 400 bottles of collection of vintage wine. The oldest of them is Spanish Jerez de La Frontera, 1775. The total number of bottles cannot grow over one million since the power plant is not infinite.

The eminent produced wine, twice recognized at the international competitions wine is the best in the world - white Muscat of the red stone. All in all, the plant produces more than 60 brands of vintage and ordinary wines or 9 million bottles annually. Some of them you can taste in the wine tasting complex "Massandra", guided tours and tastings of which can be found here.