The most influential teenager in the world Tavi Gevinson is a living example of how great Teens can do without adults. At the age of 12 she started the fashion blog Style Rookie, at 15 he founded a full-fledged online magazine for Teens Rookie Magazine, she is now 19 and she writes less about fashion, but in films, plays in the theatre, gives interviews, photoshoots for magazines and takes on the runway of the biggest fashion Weeks in the front-row seats next to the chief editor of new York Vogue Anna Wintour. But you should look at her instagram — will find that this is a normal girl who loves to make faces, change clothes and hang out with my friends.

Tavi proves to adults that Teens can get along fine without us: they don't need more magazines for teenagers, which we publish, our fashion trends, our advice and even our money. Tavi Gevinson all make their own — and, it seems, she doesn't realize how it's cool.

Tavi, you have a beauty icon?
— Even few. I love cate Blanchett and Tilda Swinton. Classic, easy, glowing skin, confident look. The same thing I see in Meryl Streep. They inspire me — I understand that no need to struggle with age. Just live.

Without any cosmetic products you can not do?
— Two of them — "yellow" cream Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion and Clinique black mascara. Anyway, regarding makeup, lately I really like calling juicy pink on the lips. The color lipstick that you want to eat! Sometimes I paint very bright blue eyes shadows, like in the movie "moonrise Kingdom". Very cool. I love the rich wide range of mono eyes.

It's disco!
— And I like the eye makeup in the style of disco. Last Halloween was a funny story. I went to a party dressed and painted like Chloe sevigny in "the Last days of disco". At four in the morning comes up to me some girl. She was so badly painted that I could not really see her face. She says, "I'm Chloe, I'm the devil and you?" And I just opened his mouth and couldn't answer a couple of seconds when he realized that the girl in scary makeup, Chloe sevigny. But then laughed and said, "well, I — you in the film "the Last days of disco".

Your tastes in clothes and makeup changed over time?
— Before I was drawn to theatrical films and designers, and I tried to repeat these images came to school in the role of daring girls or in some calling the outfit.

And if they laughed at me, then the next day I came in even more bizarre manner.

And then, in high school, fashion began to interest me as much as I didn't want to play anymore in public. Today I take a more neutral, restrained style. Just apply light makeup and wear a comfortable white shirt. It is necessary to dress to feel good. Sometimes I "hit the fashion", but most often I wear what makes me feel nice and comfortable.

When a woman looks best?
— I know it sounds terribly corny, but when you thumb through magazines, don't you think — "what a beautiful woman", you realize it's just a picture. My friends are beautiful, when they are having fun when they are kind and sincere. Cosmetics and fashion give us the tools for visual expression of these feelings.

You like to play in the theater?
— It's very interesting. Especially the fact that I need to play the same role night after night for months. It teaches me to concentrate, to put all your energy every time. I remember I once had a breakdown, and I asked the author: "How can we maintain a sense of novelty? We do the same thing every night." And he replied: "not True, we never gave the performance 3 January 2015".

And this is a very interesting experience to learn how to be simply human, to be here and now, to embrace life, because you can't afford to dig in their errors, you need to remember about other actors.

What helps you feel confident?
— I think the most confidence I feel like making something I'm really proud of. I may be procrastinating, procrastinate, postpone important things because of the little things, some minor doubts, but then I pull myself together, cast away hesitation and concentrate on fact.

And even if it does not bring the expected results and don't show people what I got, I'm still proud of what you wrote or drew. Something you can only do for yourself to feel their creative energy and flow, and it helps you to feel more confident, more whole person.

Life in new York, you somehow changed?
— Life in the suburbs taught me to find beauty in small things. In new York I can't shake the feeling that cool is all! I even stopped to write down everything in detail. When I was in school and living with my parents, I held my attention on something that made my day memorable, something beautiful or unusual. But there's so much of you. It is very nice, because now I don't need to meticulously gather every bit of hope.

You are capable of risky behavior?
— I am professionally engaged in creative work from very early age. Probably, this is not the typical magazine launch in 15 years or play in the play in 18. Perhaps this is too risky. But when I look back and think why I took such decisions, I understand that it's just fun.

You need to try something unknown, to see what happens, what can you learn about yourself, what would it mean for other people.

In the first year after the launch of Rookie magazine, I almost didn't sleep, and I fell terribly in school. But I felt that doing something nice for myself, I feel that the school never gave me, and ultimately this is my project and helped other people. So if you risk in this way, you can face fears and uncertainty, but you can experience something extraordinary.

Fear of failure ever stopped?
— I don't consider myself a fearless person, but usually I'm so afraid that you won't do something big that it outweighs the fear of the unknown. When we rehearsed the piece, I just moved to new York, and after rehearsals we went to pre-screenings. I was asked: "how do you like to play on Broadway?", but for me it was work, everyday work. Prelims I felt great pressure, began to doubt the correctness of the whole venture.

Most of all I felt fear that he would miss something big, you will not receive important experience. The fear that you could lose if you don't go forward out of fear of looking silly. The worst part in life is to regret, to look back and realize that I've done, not tried this one, was more open, more decisive.