"Rīgas satiksme" has concluded earlier with the "Riga circus" the relevant agreement, and now developed the technical design of these works, involving the erection of two poles for the trolleybus wires. According to the contract, all work technical project, coordination and construction must be completed before the summer of 2016.

To the question, does RS take any security measures, for example, until the works to move located at the circus on a public transport stop, Zakis said that these measures are not within the purview of RS — should be entrusted to the Manager of the building, i.e., "Riga circus". If it will be information about the necessity of these actions, RS can provide.

All costs for the execution of above mentioned work according to the contract, are borne by the buyer, as "Riga circus". The Ministry of culture in December of 2015 has allocated 70 thousand Euro.

As reported, the wall of the facade of the building of the Riga circus, facing on a street Merkel, separated from the building and kept only due to the fact that relies on an external staircase, has told in interview to the newspaper "Neatkariga" Director of the State Bureau on supervision of the construction Peteris Drakis.

"If the wall is subjected to additional load, will fall on people who will be on the sidewalk," explained Droukis.
"Misfortune can happen at a time when not even in the building of the circus, and somewhere on the street will be torn off electric wires, which are attached to the wall of the circus," he said.

The decision of the State Bureau for construction of a building of the Riga circus since 11 February 2016 closed to visitors.