This center will be located in the premises of the government on the street Catalu, 22/24. The center will "safety buttons", the hygiene center, day patient facility, a massage room and bathroom experiences. From also serve as an educational and charitable center.

17 September 2015 in Bremen, an agreement was signed between Riga and Bremen Association of Samaritans on cooperation in the sphere of development of innovative social services and the creation of a multifunctional centre for social services in Riga.

"Riga municipality for many years successfully cooperates with the society of Samaritans, the purpose is to allow residents more and better social services. The agreement clearly will only strengthen our cooperation, and new social services centre will help many residents", — said the head of the Committee for social Affairs Olga Vadina.

The agreement provides for the exchange of experience in the provision of innovative social services to children, families, seniors and people with special needs in Bremen and Riga.