First, I must say that if all the mosquitoes are gone, the Earth would once lost 3,500 species of creatures — that is how many species of mosquitoes exist on the planet. Only 200 of them bite people and only three — Anopheles, Culex and Aedes really dangerous, as are carriers of deadly diseases like yellow fever and malaria.

Scientists studied different options for the destruction of all (or specific species of mosquitoes. The most promising looks like a variant on genetic modification, which will dramatically increase the number of male mosquitoes and reduce females that will reduce the "herd" of mosquitoes, and very quick and radical.

But before it comes to that, the scientific community wants to calculate all the risks. Mosquitoes live on the Earth 100 million years and you cannot just take and destroy them... or can you? Controversy about this a long time do not cease in the scientific community.

Take, for example, the tundra, where migratory birds pass. Some of them eat those mosquitoes that live there and if these gnats will disappear, birds can suffer and their numbers can Polovinnaya. Other scientists say that the same fate awaits the other living beings in different regions of the world, especially hard to fish, and doubly hard for those fish that eat almost exclusively mosquitoes (as, for example, mosquitofish).

Other scientists say, that feed on mosquito species can be, and will not disappear, but will certainly find yourself another meal and either this new "food" will be on the brink of extinction, or those fish and birds that now feed upon it. In General, the destruction of mosquitoes can run poorly controlled reaction in the animal world.

However, the optimists, nothing wrong with that. And that even if someone where and are hungry, this disaster will not — will adapt. Not the first time. In the end, people in the last century radically changed the face of the Earth, and although it led to the destruction of thousands of species of living beings, left quite a lot to most of us even noticed.

If mosquitoes disappeared tomorrow, it would save about a million lives a year, and another 236 million would be sick with fever.