Why go?

In Singapore superb blend diversity of the modern world and traditions. Chic resorts, night races "Formula 1", ambitious architectural projects, which each year make the silhouette of the city even more emphatic all worth seeing. For great restaurants Singapore recently was awarded the status of the culinary capital of Asia, and for gourmets is quite a significant occasion for travel.

Hotels the new generation will not disappoint even the most discerning travellers. The large terrace with garden and pool, built in the form of gondolas and crowning three 55-story tower of the new hotel Marina Bay Sands, offers a marvelous view of the city. And recently outdoor theme Park Gardens by the Bay (Gardens by the Bay) with waterfalls, suspension tracks, spectacular lighting objects will strike your imagination with futuristic designs created from the rich tropical flora.

When go?

If talk about the weather, to travel to Singapore all seasons are good. Here all year round warm and humid, in the mornings and evenings, the average temperature is around 24 degrees C, and in the afternoon the temperature gets to 31°C. during The monsoon from November to January the heat subsides a little, and visitors should pack in your suitcase umbrella.

In Singapore are the only ones in the world night race in Formula 1, usually in mid to late September. If you have gathered in Singapore in September, note that booking a hotel room at the last moment would be rather difficult, especially in the hotels located near the highway races, so book your room in advance.