Why go?

the Capital Bangkok - the mysterious city in Southeast Asia. Those who get there first, there are slightly puzzled by seeing the concrete canyons and futuristic skyscrapers, covered with illuminated advertising. But step back a couple of steps from the major highways - and countless manifestations of Thai culture will fall on you like from the horn of plenty, and you will start to feel all your senses. Mosaic Bangkok, composed of sounds, species, smells and tastes, a truly memorable experience.

In Bangkok Eastern exoticism peacefully coexists with modern comfort. Net train Skytrain and MRT underground train in a few minutes to take you from the hotel to the glittering Buddhist temple or historic market amulets. Not so many cities with over 10 million population can boast of such an effective transport system.

In Bangkok you are waiting for river trips, museums, shops and trendy Nightclubs. Despite the recent political scrapes and extreme weather in the summer months, Bangkok remains one of the safest cities in the world. Many people want to arrive there in the spring to go on holiday Сонкгран (Thai New year) in mid-April, which is celebrated noisy and bright. For the whole week, the streets and squares of Bangkok become the field of battles: adults and children fought water and coloured powder is poured over and sprinkle with all who catches the eye. Usually favored the targets are foreign tourists. Will be hot, but fun, so try to arrange your visit to the main holiday of Thailand.

Путеводитель по Бангкоку
Foto: All Over Press

When go?

In Bangkok is best to be in the cool season is from November to February, after the end of the monsoon season and before the sweltering heat, which is installed in the beginning of March. In April, may and June there infernally hot. When the day going through the city on a motorcycle, create a full sense of movement through the fire storm. In mid-June is the rainy season, and there comes relief. Rains wash away the dust from the streets, plants, set in a luxuriant growth. This is a very good period for a stay in Bangkok - tourists is not so much in the heat of such unbearable, however, have to put up with the fact that sometimes after heavy rain the streets are flooded.