After the defeat of the Paris club, the team of Oleg Знарка and Хария Витолиньша tried to rehabilitate himself in front of their own fans in the game with the Czech representative in the KHL. But already in the 3rd minute of the "white-blue" appeared in the role of отыгрывающейся parties (scored Justin Azevedo).

"The lion continued to look more interesting, they had their moments, for example, in the beginning of the second thirds could increase the advantage, when the washer got in the back goalkeeper Лазушину after подправления Тернберга and almost flew into the gate. Note that in this episode of their goalkeeper backed Мартыньш karsums.

Literally before the second break Alexei Tsvetkov managed to finally restore the balance, and in the beginning of the third had the climax of the meeting. Known for his aggressive on the brink of a foul game Leonid Komarov applied force method against Jiri Novotny. The captain of "Copyleft" it is obviously not liked, and he carried out a massacre of the abuser, who immediately fell on the ice and began to squirm.

this episode is not over, because were on ice hockey players began to slowly thrust. And Мартыньш karsums quarrel about something with Martin Шевцом. Cech was invited Latvian legionary reset leggings, karsums sort of agree, but the judge quickly bound hand potential organizers of fights.

Карсумсу gave a fight with the Шевцом

In eventually the referee of the match, among whom was латвиец Eduard Одиньш, fined динамовцу Карсумсу and two players "Leva" - Nowotny and Шевцу. As soon Leonid Komarov implemented numerical superiority and brought victory to the team Знарка - 2:1.

After games Jiri Novotny admitted portal that his Mosquitoes mad: "In principle, the match was good, we have received a good lesson. I personally made its great mistake, when he hit Komarova. I don't like. If you're tough guys, come on, let's fight! And Mosquitoes just hit me in the back, I answered it. I play hockey, and I'm not crying on the ice as he is. Me it pissed. I was wrong, emotions brought, understand that I had to restrain myself. And no Mosquitoes are not tough guys, he's just a girl".

Note and Nizhny Novgorod "torpedo" under the leadership of the Latvian specialist Peteris Скудры. His team has already secured a place in the playoffs, and after yesterday's success in the match against CSKA Moscow (3:1), bypassed "Salavat Yulayev" and climbed up to the 4th place in the Eastern conference.

In the second force hockey division of Russia (VHL) Klinsky "Titan" in the former striker of Riga "Dynamo" Айнаром Подзиньшем lost out to the new leader of the championship - Tyumen "Rubin" - 0:3. Подзиньш played 15 minutes, threw on goal once and ended the match-neutral.

Penza "Diesel" and Arthur Ozolins visited with HC Sarov and managed to achieve success - 4:3. Latvian striker for 9.5 minutes spent on the ice, has won 9 of 18 throw, apply 2 throw and earn negative coefficient of usefulness of "-1".

This the victory allowed the "Diesel" dial 68 points (after 40 matches) and stay on the 10th place. Ahead of all - "Rubin" (83), second is the "Toros" (82) of Caspar Саулиетиса and Arthur Mickiewicz, "Titan" (61) in 14th place, and the Almetyevsk "Neftyanik" (58) Alexander Erofeev while the 17-th and was out of the playoffs.