– Juris, what was Your previous experience of loss?
– Before this weight loss never thought about weight reduction. Used to live in the illusion that it has not yet been required. Then came the day when because of a big belly was difficult to bend myself to tie shoelaces. Did not like the thought of how I looked from the side the whole time. At this point I decided — we must cease to live with being overweight — something needs to change.

– As You still decided to try the Stockholm diet?
– Searched the Internet, how to lose weight. Appealed to the successful experience of the people. Most convinced big discount and serious attitude — or I can lose weight or get your money back. This approach no one had, so I went to the site and signed up!

– Did you follow the nutrition plan?
– Yes. Weight loss I started about a week after registering on the site. I must say that I really helped the plan made for the week. Although old habits are sometimes created problems, it was easy to continue the weight loss, because in the first days I saw results and the meaning of what they are doing. Every day it became easier and easier. The results were obvious within a week. Through diet I lost 13 kg, I was feeling better and no more problems with tying my shoes (laughs) — abdomen noticeably tightened!

- What would You recommend to other people who also want to lose weight?
– Anyone who is thinking about losing weight, definitely need to try this diet because it is really effective! Sign up, and the results of himself will soon see that regret won't!

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