He was discharged 8 so-called daily fines, each of which is equal to 1/60 of monthly income. The annual earnings of a businessman, according to the tax amounted to EUR 6.5 million, respectively, now he must pay for his misconduct 54 024 euros.

According to Finnish law, the size of the penalty depends on the income of the offender: the richer, the more it will cost a rules violation.

Himself Rama, judging by his posts on the social network Facebook feels shocked and denies his guilt. Here is what writes Kuisle: "Ten years ago I would not have believed that I would have to think seriously about moving. In Finland it is no longer possible for people to live in high-income!"

This is far not the largest penalty for speeding in the history of Finland. In 2002, the former head of Nokia Annecy Vanjoki exceeded the speed limit of 25 km/h and paid the fine in 116 000 euros, and in 2009, the former owner of the company Finnritilä Jari Bar was fined 112 000 euros for speeding at 12 km/h