Scientists came to the conclusion that the program led to an overall decline in the birth rate among U.S. adolescents 5.7 percent. They specified that the matter concerns the children who were conceived in the period from June 2009, when the show started the show by 2010. Over this period the number of cases of adolescent fertility rates in the U.S. decreased by more than 16 percent of the reality show MTV responsible for one third. The scientists noted that the decreased number of abortions, but accurate data lead failed due to lack of statistics.

It turned out that the reality show MTV about teenage pregnancy large and involved audience, which discusses many stories programs. The number of searches and tweets about contraception and abortion, according to the study, grew just then, when the show went on air, and in those areas of the US, where they were especially popular. The scientists concluded that the programme Teens forced to change their behavior and to think about contraception. "The fact that MTV knows how to make it popular among the adolescents of the show and speak with them in their language - it is very important to the program's impact on the consciousness," said the scientists.

Program "Pregnant at 16" was created as "a cautionary tale about the hard realities of adolescent pregnancies". MTV always believed in the power of human stories.