the President said, "Auschwitz is hundreds of kilometers from Hungary, but is part of the history of the country". He also noted that if the war went according to the plan of Hitler and his allies, in Hungary there would be no Jews.

Previously American historian, expert on the Holocaust Randolph Bram announced the return of the order "For merits before Hungary", given in 2011. He explained that in Hungary the last few years has been "campaign to whitewash history, the purpose of which is the "removal from Hungary responsibility for active participation in the destruction of almost 600 thousand Jewish citizens."

In the middle of January the representatives of the Jewish community of Hungary had announced boycott of the national events dedicated to the memory of the victims of the Holocaust. The reason for the decision were the plans of the Hungarian authorities on creation of the memorial center dedicated to the victims of the German occupation of Hungary. According to representatives of the community, the blame for the tragic events of 1944, the authors of the centre will lay only on the Germans.

Hungary, speaking during world war II on the side of Germany, adopted a series of anti-Semitic laws even before the war began, however, until 1944, deported Jews. In March 1944, German troops occupied Hungary. In the period from may to July in the death camps were sent to more than 430 thousand Jews.

According to report of the Vienna Agency for human rights, Hungary is one of the three EU countries with the highest level of anti-Semitism. In the spring of 2013 known for his anti-Semitic views journalist Ferenc Санисло was awarded the government prize for media workers, however, then at the request of the Minister of labour returned the award.