If last year the General Director of "Baltic pearl" Marina Lipchenko swore that the next festival would be: tired, tired, no one can assess on merit... But this year I could not resist and said the 23rd festival in the cinema Splendid Palace, where he will show 20-22 paintings (with the Venice festival, the negotiation is not over yet). The format of the forum has undergone a noticeable change. The viewer is promised a maximum interest.

I will return to Riga

Open forum Peter Greenaway, who will present his new movie "Eisenstein in Guanajuato". The working title of this film sounded differently-"10 days that shook Eisenstein," coined by analogy with the second name of Sergei Eisenstein's film "October" — "10 days that shook the world".

This is sort of a biopic depicting the journey of Sergei Eisenstein in Mexico in company with another famous Soviet Director Grigori Alexandrov and cameraman Eduard Tisse. The latter, as Eisenstein himself, a native of Riga. I was full of intentions to film "Viva Mexico!" But in the end, the film was never released. Why? Nobody knows. Greenway has offered his version of what happened.

The role of Sergei Eisenstein auditioned many actors, but it was required of likeness. In the end, it played Finn Elmar Back, and his lover Palomino, Canedo – Mexican actor Luis Alberti. According to the plan Greenaway, the picture will become a dilogy – he intends to finish out in Russia prequel – "the handshake of the Eisenstein". In press wrote that the Russian side was unhappy with the script "Russian" novels and returned the script to the Greenway for revision because of the emphasis on sexual orientation Eisenstein. In question and the Russian hire "the Mexican".

But Peter Greenaway readily agreed to bring the picture home of two characters – in Riga. Especially because of the "Baltic pearl" he was twice. Our country would be in even closer to join the work of the famous Director-bully. The fact is that in the process of working on a painting Greenaway appealed to the Latvian animation Studio Rija (creators of such famous cartoons as "Lotte", "the triplets of Belleville") with an unusual request – "revive" erotic pictures of Eisenstein.

As told Delfi Director and Studio producer Vilnis Cannabis, he was able to obtain a preliminary agreement on the fact that Latvia could become a co-producer of not only the animation part, but the whole picture. Including, to perform Latvian actors (one of the candidates for the role of Gregory Aleksandrov was ģirts Krumins, previously starring in the Hollywood film "Braveheart Irene Sandler"). You only had 170 000 euros of co-financing from the Latvian side. Alas, Latvian cinema his application was refused.

In the end, all the collaboration came down to the fact that Greenaway sent Riga animators 273 figure Eisenstein, was asked to choose one and "animate" at its discretion, and that was done. Our animators created a mini-movie for two minutes, alas, in the process of reduction of the film by Greenaway, it included only a few extracts.

His version of the film, based on the captured Eisenstein's Mexican frames, show Russian Director Oleg Kovalov.

Three jubilee - three greetings

The festival will be marked with three round centuty.

120 years cinema. On this occasion will show the movie Peter Bogdanovich "the dream Factory" - how it all began. According to Marina Lipchenko, "this is the most touching Declaration of love to cinema and filmmakers".

100 years actress Ingrid Bergman. "I fought my way from Saint to whore and back to Saint. And all in one life," - said in an interview with the Hollywood legend. The anniversary will celebrate the show three times Oscar-winning "Casablanca". The film will be shown at original media 35 mm in the Director's version.

80 years Director woody Allen. On this occasion, the organizing Committee of the festival has selected to show one of his most powerful films, "Hollywood ending". This is the last picture that woody was shot in Hollywood before a long voyage to Europe. Allen serves one in three persons – writer, Director and lead actor, filmmaker... .

Best with the three major festivals of Europe

In the program "Baltic pearls-2015" included the iconic films of the year.
Riga viewers will see the winner of the Berlin film festival with the film "Taxi" from under house arrest of Iranian Director Jafar Panahi – a journey to Tehran.

The winner of two prizes for top male and female roles (Charlotte Rampling and Geraldine James) Berlin festival film Briton Andrew hay "45 years" - a portrait of the relationship between two committed to each other, but are very independent people.

Winner of the "Golden palm" the Cannes film festival - the film Frenchman Jacques Audiard "Dipan" on topical for Latvia the theme of refugees.

For loves spicy-love at first sight is a work of another Frenchman Gaspar noé picture of "Love" – erotic allege in 3D. It will show in the cinema Citadele. Promise of unbridled and wanton passion.

Legendary American actor al Pacino this time will appear in a new incarnation of the film the viewer will see his painting "Salome" on the play by Oscar Wilde.

According to tradition, in Riga will bring and interesting Russian cinema. Alexei German Jr. will personally present his new film "Under electric clouds" about Russia in 2017. This film won the prize of the Berlin film festival for cinematography. Herman Jr. had a year to stop work on his project to complete the masterpiece of the late classics of Russian cinema German senior – picture "Hard to be a God" by Strugatsky.

The same Chulpan Khamatova, in duet with Yevgeny Mironov will appear in the film another Russian filmmaker currently living in Switzerland Helena Gasanovoy. The film is based on the book by Dina Rubina "puppet Syndrome". About people and puppets. The Creator and the creation.

A separate program "Movie on stage", which will combine theatre and film, will be dedicated to the deceased on the day of opening last "Baltic pearl" film and theatre critic of Normunds Neumania, whose recent article in the newspaper "Diena" was devoted to the Riga international film festival.

Film cafe Tinto promises to please all viewers of the festival cocktails and hors d'oeuvres created especially for "the Baltic pearl" based on your favorite food and drinks producers and actors.