Competition the winner were also nominated for "Oscar" in a category "best Director" Steve McQueen ("12 years of slavery"), David O. Russell ("Scam American), Martin Scorsese ("the Wolf of wall street"), as well as the Creator of the picture "Captain Phillips Floor Гринграсс.

Previously the film Куарона has won several "предоскаровских barometers" - "the Golden globe"award of the Association of film critics award in the same category and the Guild of producers of the USA. In addition, "gravitation" is the leader on a par with the Seizure of the American way" on the number of nominations on "Oscar" - 10 categories.

Prize for the achievements and merits in directing (Franklin J. Schaffner Achievement Award) received a decision of the members of the Guild Vincent De Dario, Director Lee blaine awarded the name of Frank Capra, Frank Capra Achievement Award).

Established by the in 1948 prize of Guild, which unites more than 10 thousand of Directors, almost perfectly predicts the future of the winner of the main awards of the year "Oscar", marks RIA of "news". In 2012 year's winner was Ben Affleck for a tape "Argo", a year earlier, the Creator of "the Artist" Michelle Хазанавичус, both subsequently received an Oscar for best Director.

Sci-Fi drama Куарона ("your mother, too, "Harry Potter and the prisoner of Азкабана") tells about Dr. Ryan stone (Sandra bullock)that is sent in an open space with an experienced astronaut Matt Kowalski (George Clooney). While they are in the open space station explodes, killing all the other crew members. Stone and Kowalski remain together in the open space, without any hope of salvation.