On Friday, September 19 will be the last shows two gems of the festival films "Face of love", "Third person". Their "Map to the Stars" from the contest program of the last Cannes film festival, you can see in the movie Citadele.

The film explores the nature of love , telling different stories - bright, tight, soaked with anticipation and sensuality devotion and betrayal, trust and hope.

For those who prefer European cinema, the last two films of the classics of the "new wave": "to Love, to drink, to sing" recently left us the legendary French Director Alain Resnais and "Word up!" by the great Jean-Luc Godard, experimenting in 3D and people saying farewell this picture with the "big movie".

Another European classic, party of the Cannes film festival - Andre Tesin with ribbon "Man too much love", starring in a play Catherine Deneuve and Guillaume Canet.

Late show for fans of shocking cinema and "thrills" from cult classics - "Empire of the senses" and "Clockwork orange" to the modern erotic thrillers, surreal Comedy of the absurd and scandalous biopics.

Guest nightmares - "Borgman" Alex van Warmerdam (nominated for the award "Oscar", and nominated for the Palme d'or at Cannes), it is difficult built the labyrinth of passions and exibitionists horror, squeezed into the framework of surreal Thriller .

"The Goltzius and the Pelican company from a recent guest of the festival of Peter Greenaway declared them as pornographic study of religion and art.

Another guest of the festival - Gerard Depardieu - will stand in the way of financial magnate, is not coping with its instincts and unbridled sexual hunger in the movie "Welcome to new York" furious Abel Ferrara.

Those who left the meeting with the great diva movie Audrey Hepburn, Greta Garbo, Marlene Dietrich and grace Kelly on the last days of the festival, waiting for the great classics, musicals and iconic "New cinema Paradiso", the film which will be shown on the big screen of the cinema Splendid Palace. The film which can be safely taken with other adult children to permanently instill in them a love for a great movie.

The last days of the festival are the best movies, the opportunity to touch the masterpieces of world cinema, to expand your cinematic horizons and with a slight sadness to say goodbye to the "Baltic pearl".