How said the portal colleagues of Benes, this morning he was able to send multiple SMS messages. Benes said that he is accused in the preparation of an armed coup to overthrow the government and to undermine the territorial integrity of Ukraine. "I was taken to Kyiv. Front and rear emergency vehicles with flashing lights. As a particularly dangerous criminal, cops said," - said the Benes Ayo.

Portal assumes that the arrest of the Benes Ayo could be provoked by the record that on March 31 he did in the social network Facebook. Appointed Kyiv Governor Sergey Taruta reported that it intends to arrest and expel the dark-skinned militia from the country. Ayo Benes in comments posted: "the Fascist Taruta the need to expel from Donbass».

Previously it was reported that Ayo Benes came to Ukraine, in his own words, "to protect Russians from Bandera".