However, Security police classified not only the prices of the cars, but even the fact of their purchase. The edition refers to unofficial data informs that the prices were much higher standard.

How explained in the BOP, the Audi Q7 has a high level of security, a large mass, high base, mobility, manageability, stability, and all-wheel drive, and so on. "We should admit that when choosing a machine tests for different car of this class, as well as taking into consideration the experience of other services. Besides, in this purchase Audi Q7 was offered at a bargain price", - said the secret service.

Data dealers Audi show that such a machine is the most modest modifications available for 58 939 euros. With all the bonuses car will cost about EUR 100 000.

It is interesting that on the website What car Audi Q7 in the outcome of the test said that large sizes auto complicate Parking. Experts also point to the large operation costs.