• Porsche recalls in Russia Cayenne and Panamera

  • Distributor of Porsche brand in Russia, the company "Porsche Russland", recalls 73 Porsche Cayenne and Porsche Panamera because of possible problems with the fuel injection system. Authorized dealers will notify owners of vehicles affected by the recall, newsletter or on the phone.

    Distributor of Porsche brand in Russia the company "Porsche Russland" recalls 73 car models Cayenne and Panamera, States in the message of Rosstandart.

    Will be revoked for 60 cars and Cayenne 13 - Panamera produced from 17 March 2011 to may 7, 2012.

    "In vehicles, subject to review, there is a possibility of the leakage of the fuel chambers of the fuel injection system. In rare cases this can lead to the appearance of any foreign smell due to leakage of a small amount of fuel", - stated in the message.

    Authorized dealers "Porsche Russland" will notify owners of vehicles covered by the recall, newsletter or on the phone about the need to provide the car to the nearest dealership for work that will be carried out free of charge to motorists.

    According to the Association of European business, sales of Porsche in Russia in February 2015 increased to 381 machine against 174 in February 2014, for the first two months of this year sales increased by 92 per cent.

    The demand for expensive cars in the Russian market is growing against the General trend in the decline in sales, which is particularly strong is observed in the segment of budget cars. Sales of passenger cars Renault and Volkswagen in January and February fell by 40 per cent to 19.9 thousand and 12 thousand cars, Ford is 70 percent to 3.2 thousand pieces, Chevrolet, and 71% to 6.3 thousand. Less than the fall in the Korean Kia - only 2 percent, and Hyundai even showed an increase of 4 percent. Sale Russian Lada declined two months in a quarter, amounting to 41,1 thousand machines.


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